camillo x sito         Camillo Botticini was born in Brescia on March 11th, 1965. He graduates in architecture at Milan Polytechnic University – facoltà di architettura, Politecnico di Milano – in 1990, under professor Sergio Crotti with whom he collaborates as an assistant for ten years.

In 2003 he obtains his doctorate in research (Ph.D.) in Architectonic and Urban Design at the Milan Polytechnic University. His Dissertation is published by Clup Milano, entitled ‘Relazioni, progetto ed identità dell’architettura contemporanea’ ( ‘Relations, project and contemporary architecture identity’ ) and becomes an University professor at Milan Polytechnic University where he still teaches Urban and Architectonic design. In 2008, was also invited to lead an international workshop in Venice.

Camillo Botticini begins his professional career in 1991, collaborating with S. Crotti, G. Canali and G. Belotti. In 1993, he opens his own private studio in Brescia,(CBA) Camillo Botticini architect.

Between 2008 and 2014 he founds with Giulia De Appolonia the architectural practice ABDA architetti Botticini – De Appolonia e associati srl.

CBA’s benchmark for its architectural projects is the complexity of a fragmented and versatile world. The interpretation of such world is always different and articulated; it varies in accordance to specific subjects and contextual conditions.

This architectural approach makes the preliminary conceptual content its foundation point. Moreover, it gives to the project a non-conventional interpretation because of the always-diverse requests of functionality and appearance, and because of the many stimuli coming from the landscape and the site.

A collaborative, transdisciplinary approach allows to involve different teams in the project planning. Thanks to a dense network of experts, it is possible to establish frequent collaborative links and solve every emerging problem in the most accurate and exhaustive way.

By combining project-based research with academic research at the University of Milan (Politecnico), Camillo Botticini received many awards, mostly for public works. Such awards underline Botticini’s testing ground on concrete examples, in a synthesis between pragmatism and research design phases. His large experience on small-scale public works, accomplished with detailed precision on the Brescia territory, created a vast network of relationships and experiences, which constitute a solid launch pad.



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