2014 – 2015 Architectural Design Studio 3 – Politecnico di Milano

Camillo Botticini Visiting Professor with Liveinslums

Mathare is an informal settlement located in the north-east part of Nairobi. It is a place of physical and human confinement with more than 500.000 people. The buildings are mainly self-built with some metal sheet. The location of the settlement is defined by the morphology of the Valley, cut trough by a small river. The built-up area is made by small close-fitting houses. The students together with “LIVEINSLUMS”, a NGO focusing its work on informal settlements and critical areas, set up some strategies to improve technical infrastructures (water, toilets, energy) and adapt them to the living and social features integrating with some new residential and facility functions. Their projects define new maps and architectures to improve general living conditions.

locandina filippo romano

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